A Good Old-Fashioned Witch-Burning

Wow. Now that is a beautiful cover –

People say you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover; but come on, the truth is we do it all the time. The artist who created this great cover is Dawné Dominique. I’ve been quietly calling ‘The Wrong Way Down’ the beginning of the Heretic Series, and Dawné cleverly reflects this concept  in her artwork. I do hope to work with Dawné  again, her vision is genius. I think this cover will do just nicely.

Define Heretic - noun - a professed believer who maintains religious opinions contrary to those accepted by his or her church or rejects doctrines prescribed by that church.

In any Catholic controlled European city around the years 1200 to 1700, anyone who opposed the word of the church, or King, or Queen, could be imprisoned, tortured, and most likely burned at the stake. Witches and heretics and political-dissenters often served as firewood for a many great burnings. This period of tribulation foreshadowed the westward migration of the religious dissidents who invaded the lands of the Americas.

But that is the history of our world, not the world of ‘The Wrong Way Down.’

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