Mid-August Update

This month, since I’ve had time, I’ve been going gangbusters on the sequel novel. The pilot novel is named The Wrong Way Down and will be released by Damnation Books on December 1st 2011. If you’ve ever ridden in an old rollercoaster, there is that ‘Clack-Clack-Clack’ sound that sets the nerves on edge, promising the wild ride that is sure to ensue. It is the first drop and the feeling of zero-G’s pulling at your guts while helplessly strapped inside a furiously flying cart that define The Wrong Way Down.

Thank you, Tim Marquitz, for showing me where the limits are within Damnation Books. I shared quick communications with Tim, who is the most published author with DB. I read his first book and loved it so much I bought his second book. I’ll review the second book and intend to post it here. It’ll be a combination review of both books, a compare and contrast sort of review. I’m going to enjoy reviewing both books together. I intend to read some of the other stories DB is publishing and if I like the books, I’ll offer to review them too. I won’t beat up my co-workers; if I don’t like their books, I will pass on offering a review.

Thank you every New York literary agent who told me no. I am now used to hearing the word no. I am beginning to look for a place to do signings. The first place I went was my favorite used bookstore. I buy lots of books from them, but they said no. They said, “Yeah, we know you buy lots of books through us, but the answer is still no.” So I gave them one of my fancy-pants business cards and pushed my way out their front door. It isn’t personal; I’ll still buy books from them. (But I won’t link them here.)

I believe it will become easier once I have a book cover to show. The cover artist contacted me earlier than I had expected. He said he could provide the cover I want and he believes it will look great. Matt Truiano is the name of the artist, Dawne’ Dominique will be doing the cover art. I am very excited to see what our combined vision will look like. 

This has been the August update, see you again in September.


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