50 Shades of Decay

Angelic Knight Press has put together a new anthology. I can proudly say I am one of 50 authors to have been selected to be in this collection. It is a collection of zombie stories – Valentine’s Day short stories – okay, flat out, it is zombie smut.


It was an opportunity for talented erotica writers to join with talented horror writers – and one fantasy author – to showcase their humorous sides. I don’t know the bigger names in erotica, but the names I recognized from horror were Armand Rosamilia, Tim Marquitz, Blaze McRob,  and Tim Baker. There were other names on the back cover that feel familiar, but I don’t know yet, but will soon.

In the Table of Contents, there is true brilliance in these titles. Here is a tease of what you will be reading while cuddling in bed on Valentine’s Day.  “Dead Things Don’t Rise”  “Til Decay Do Them Part” “Some Like it Rot” “Pretty Kitty’s Post-Apocalyptic Porn Palace” And “Her Z-Spot.” There are 45 more titles just like these. This is going to be fun (and maybe a little gross,) but definitely a fun read.



2 thoughts on “50 Shades of Decay

  1. This looks utterly disgusting and possibly blasphemous…I’ll have to pick this up. Seriously (if I can do that), proud to be in it with you and that other guy named Tim. This should get us a rep!

  2. I’m excited to see what you and that other Tim did. I think most people took a comical approach to this one, hopefully God can forgive our transgressions. If not, I’ll be burning with a smile on my face–this one was a blast to write.

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