Rurik’s Frozen Bones

Rurik’s Frozen Bones, my short story contribution to Fading Light, Anthology of the Monstrous is now solo through Smashwords. If all goes well, the e-book will be picked up by Amazon, Kobo, and Barnes and Noble within the next few days. Because it is a short story of under 5K words, I will not offer a print version, it would be too costly for readers. The cover art was provided by horror author/artist Greg Chapman.



The story synopsis is this,

Hundested, Denmark—819 A.D.
Rurik sits at the hearth in the old mead hall. With eyes on the fire, he’s trapped within himself, mumbling about the past. A flagon twitches between two shaky hands. Bring him another flagon of mead, and he might tell how he’d sailed upon the Windward Mare, a well-built ship commanded by a good captain. For one more quart, he’ll tell of the Mare’s fateful last voyage, of danger from the deep…the hungry beast from below…


Soon, a second short story will be released, and then I’ll begin the Kickstarter for the relaunch of The Wrong Way Down; Book One of the Heretic Series.


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