Jake Elliot Suicide


I’ve gotten a couple hits on this website looking for ‘Jake Elliot Suicide” or “RIP Jake Elliot.”  I am not dead. Not yet at least. However, if it is another Jake Elliot who has died, for those of you looking for information, all I can say is I am sorry for your loss.


As a writer I am prone to deep depression, alcoholism and there is always a chance for suicide. I’d even be willing to make a $100 bet that I’d die by suicide before I die of cancer, or have an aneurysm. We could make a side bet for liver failure, but that isn’t very sporting. Most writers seem to die from one or the other.


There is another Jake Elliot who writes in the UK and I’ve joked in the past how he is the imposter Jake Elliot. I would never wish ill-will or an untimely death upon anyone, especially someone bearing the same name as me. That is creepy. Remember the movie, The Terminator? What if the T-1000 model is killing Jake Elliots to stop me from writing a book I haven’t yet started?!?!


Weird, but it could happen in a James Cameron universe.


Again I say, if you are looking for dead Jake Elliot – I’m not him. If I come off  as crass, know instead that I hope the injury from the loss of your friend or family member will heal in its proper time. I also hope my dark sense of humor can be forgiven, I mean no disrespect for your loss, it is just that I find an ironic sense of humor in all of this confusion.



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