Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all US servicemen and women; both active and veteran. Thank you for your commitment, both currently and in past service.


A few weeks ago, at the World Horror Convention and Bram Stoker Awards, I met author Armand Rosamilia (Dying Days zombie series). For the past several months, he has been collecting books from a variety of authors for an event called Authors Supporting Our Troops. Armand’s goal was to see that American troops that are still away on foreign soil receive books; a simple pleasure for which we who are safely secure in the United States take for granted. Armand’s project has been a huge success, Armand not only received over two-thousand books, but authors also donated the necessary money to ships so many books. I proudly boast that I added a couple books to Armand’s shipping list.


I’d also met Carter Reid at the World Horror Convention. He is the cover designer I’d hired for the re-launch of The Wrong Way Down. His work will bring scope to the unique nature of the story. The re-launch of TWWD was planned for May 5th  but the verification process at Amazon delayed things. I was verified to run a kickstarter on May 12th, but that was a day too late. At WHC I met an associate editor of a publishing house who requested to see The Wrong Way Down. Hopefully, they will see it as marketable commodity.  I hope to know by June 13th whether I’m self-publishing or not.


This one is expected to be out by October. I hope to read from this one on October 24th in downtown Hillsboro. (Outside Portland OR.)

This one is expected to be out by October 2014. I’ll read from this one on October 24th in downtown Hillsboro. (Outside Portland OR.)


Cool cover, eh? This is April Moon’s second anthology, but the first in the Short Sharp Shocks collection, named AMOK! It is about flipping out and going nuts on unsuspecting people. How politically incorrect!! They accepted my short story titled Joy Ride. a gruesome tale about a cunning little parasite. There are other interesting titles like A Really Big Kitchen Knife, and Alicia’s in the Trunk, and Boy is She Pissed. This one will be anti-PC fun and expected out in early September. I hope so, I’m anticipating reading from it on Oct. 24th at Bards and Brews in downtown Hillsboro. So far this year, my stories will be seen in three other anthologies. They’re each expected to be in print by the end of the year, but I haven’t been given the okay to make any official announcements yet.


Other news…I will be at the 6th NW Book Festival on July 26th. I’ll be sharing a tent with Chad Coenson, author of Me and Bobby McGee, and Athena, author of Murder of Crows. Since the second edition of The Wrong Way Down’s won’t be in print like I’d originally planned, I’ll sell all remaining first editions for $11 and Crossing Mother’s Grave for $16, or both for $25. (Remember how my old publisher priced my books at $20 and $22? I just want to put them behind me.) Chad, Athena and I will be found in the most adventurous tent. Trust me, if you are there, you won’t miss us.




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