Looking to the Near Future

It is time for an update. (Sorry for the lack of pictures in this update.)


Through a bit of good luck, I have been invited to assist the writing team for the film production company, Man vs. Film. There is a 48-hour film festival and I’ve been asked to help on that project. The premier will be shown at the Hollywood Theater in Portland, Oregon, on August 6th and 7th. (Follow the links for more information.)


Through a bit of good luck, the revised edition of The Wrong Way Down (Book 1) was rejected by Hydra, (an imprint of Random House.) The truth is, although I don’t want the extra work required for self-publishing, I do want  books to be released faster than what a big publishing house could present. I’ve taken their lack of appreciation for TWWD as a blessing in disguise. After Damnation Books, I’m not sure how much control of my work I want to give to other people. I’m expecting to see a book cover from the artist within the next couple weeks, and then I’ll begin the Kickstarter. I see no reason why the pre-release books can’t be ready before December 12th. I plan to release the book on March 1st, 2015.


Soon to be, I’ll post a cool interview with Armand Rosamilia, a zombie expert and author of the Dying Days series. Also this month I’ll have a review of Witch Bane by Tim Marquitz. (Tim’s been waiting 11 months for me to read this one, it better be a good review!)


I expect to start the Kickstarter for The Wrong Way Down (Book 1) sometime in September.


There are three short stories expected to come out between late September and December. One story is in Angelic Knight’s collection called That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do, featuring stories of magic gone foul. April Moon’s AMOK!! should be coming out soon, but I haven’t heard any dates yet. I’m excited for this one as it includes one of my first short stories written for a professional market. AMOK!! is a collection of rampage stories that by what titles I’ve seen within looks very cool. Last and not least, my story collaboration with Pam Cowan in NIWA’s members’ anthology should be out before years end.


October 24th I’ll be reading at Bards & Brews in Downtown Hillsboro.  With so many options, I still haven’t decided what to read.


Last and not least, I will be at Orycon 2014 in early November. I’ll do another update before then, I’m sure.




2 thoughts on “Looking to the Near Future

  1. sounds like you are going to be uber busy. Wish I were as brave as you and could at least find the courage to even be rejected by a publisher, let alone basically start self publishing, but alas I am not. Good luck, I hope you have nothing but success and can rub it in the publishers face. LOL

    • It is good to hear from you.

      Rejection is a big part of writing. Mark Twain was rejected so much he had to self-publish, I haven’t even scratched Mark Twain’s numbers. If I self-publish and the book does modestly well, some publisher will want to pick it up. If the book does modestly well, when they call, it will be my turn to reject them. 🙂

      (I don’t want to self-publish, but at least I’ll have control of what content is printed and what the pricing will be.)

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