So Far, A Very Happy New Year

Here is the list of up-coming events—

 February 7th 2015— I will be at AFK Elixirs & Eatery (and game hall) in Renton, Washington, with eight Northwest area authors. We will be there from 2 PM until 9 PM. Have a drink with me and let’s talk about your favorite books, old movies, or video games—my areas of expertise.


Sometime between now and April Fool’s Day, I’ll have zom-poc author Peter Welmerink over for tea and seven deadly questions. In the time frame before Fool’s Day, I’ll have a review up for AMOK! and hopefully one for That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do. (Also, I’m going to soon change my “Reviews section” to simply the “New Books I Like section.”  I’m not willing to cut down anyone’s hard work, and historically, I only share books I like with you.) I will also show off the book cover for Book III; Hounds of the Hunted.

After the Fool’s Day, I’ll be at Norwescon 2015 on April 2-5th in Seattle Washington. I’ll be at the NIWA booth in the dealer’s room mostly, and at several parties to mingle.

I’ll be going to the World Sci-Fi convention in Spokane Washington from August 19-23rd. I’ll be looking to cause trouble with several cool authors. Pictures to follow.


About last month–

In January, several great people offered to lend me their websites for a day or two. Now, you can see what I look like while holding my dinner.

Edward M. Erdelac, the unchallenged authority of ‘Weird Westerns” let me compare The Wrong Way Down to King Arthur’s Holy Grail. Check him out, he is a sublime writer and storyteller.


Fantasy author Angela Korra’Ti asked me to write something original about my characters for her website. I posted an unread scroll that I broke the seal for you, giving insights to the storyline of The Wrong Way Down.

Peter Welmerink asked me to disclose five lessons I learned writing The Wrong Way Down. Peter writes fun horror stories with sci-fi elements mirroring my fantasy stories with elements of horror.

The Northwest Independent Writers’ Association interviewed me about writing techniques and preferences. Thank you NIWA, you’ve been agar for my petri dish of creativity. Now the stuff is growing everywhere.

And most recently, Gef Fox asked pointed questions about the future of Fantasy Fiction and who is my favorite wizard. (Gef writes wickedly cool short stories, if you’ve read one, you will look for more.)

Last and not least, That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do, the dark rituals anthology edited by Lincoln Crisler was published by Angelic Knight Press and is now available.









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