Podcast Interview

Recently, Mike Phillips asked if I’d like to be on his podcast and talk about the struggles with my old publisher and what it took to break free from their shoddy practices. We talk about drug addictions, death, and many other fun things that can be found in my writing. Here is a link to Mike’s Podcast

As a reminder, I’ll be reading from Hounds of the Hunted tonight at 6pm at the awesome taproom named Three Mugs in Hillsboro, Oregon. They have something like 22 beers from all over the world on tap. That’s just right for a hot day like today — 98* is the forecast — ouch! Hopefully I won’t drink too much before I read, but then again, it might make things more interesting. Jake Elliot


This Time, for Real

For real, my third book, Hounds of the Hunted is out on Amazon both in paperback and e-book. Soon, after I’ve found the will (and time) to adhere to their formatting guidelines, I will publish on Smashwords so the story will also be available on both Nook and Apple products. Finally, if you are in Oregon, take a little trip to Hillsboro on Saturday, June 27th, and you can find me reading from Hounds of the Hunted at Three Mugs Public House with five other authors including April Aashiem and actor/author Jesse Vint (He’s performed in the movie Silent Running with Bruce Dern, and several popular television shows through the 1970’s through 1990’s.)


The bookcover is linked to the Hillsboro Tribune‘s article about the upcoming event. (despite what the article says, I will be reading from my book.)


Oops, a Little Too Ambitious

So, Hounds of the Hunted was expected to be out today. It isn’t out yet.


The final read-through turned up some good spots that needed a bit of altering — nothing major, but time consuming. My awesome proofreader found a bit more stuff than I found and those little tweaks need to be made. I need a couple (2?) more days and by the weekend (June 19th), it will be out. It really is that close to release. I just overshot my target a little.



Here is the Prologue just for you. The book synopsis is on the picture above. Popalia and Wynkkur are the central protagonists of the story. Popalia is a priestess of an agnostic god and she is falling from grace as the evils of the world are wearing her down. Wynkkur a self taught wizard whose abilities are more likely to cause problems than fix them. Not in a sweet and cute kind of way, but in a “Oh, wow, we are going to prison for my mistake,” kind of way. This is a story about outlaw heroes.

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