Hounds of the Hunted: First Show

I’m going to keep this real simple. I’m running behind–like normal–but within the next couple of weeks Hounds of the Hunted will be available in paperback and e-book. (June 15th 2015.)




NorwesCon 38

From my cramped observation spot in the Dealers’ Room, a Dalek rolled by while announcing in its static-mechanical voice, “Doc, doc, exterminate!!” Behind the Dalek walked a woman with a remote control in hand, eager to drive the crowds out of the way. Rolling behind her, a masked lady rode on a scooter that had been transformed into a red dragon. On my right stood a row of magical staves and a table offering boob/cleavage ornaments…you get the picture. On my left side danced Mr. Sinister in a hand-crafted steel suit of plate-mail. For the right number of dollars, he’d forge a custom suit of armor for you. His partner, Tracy, wore a knight’s helm complete with nose-guard, and carried a wooden buckler on each arm.

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link leads to the armorer’s website

These are my people. Yes, dorks. Don’t bully them, these are my readers.

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So Far, A Very Happy New Year

Here is the list of up-coming events—

 February 7th 2015— I will be at AFK Elixirs & Eatery (and game hall) in Renton, Washington, with eight Northwest area authors. We will be there from 2 PM until 9 PM. Have a drink with me and let’s talk about your favorite books, old movies, or video games—my areas of expertise.


Sometime between now and April Fool’s Day, I’ll have zom-poc author Peter Welmerink over for tea and seven deadly questions. In the time frame before Fool’s Day, I’ll have a review up for AMOK! and hopefully one for That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do. (Also, I’m going to soon change my “Reviews section” to simply the “New Books I Like section.”  I’m not willing to cut down anyone’s hard work, and historically, I only share books I like with you.) I will also show off the book cover for Book III; Hounds of the Hunted.

After the Fool’s Day, I’ll be at Norwescon 2015 on April 2-5th in Seattle Washington. I’ll be at the NIWA booth in the dealer’s room mostly, and at several parties to mingle.

I’ll be going to the World Sci-Fi convention in Spokane Washington from August 19-23rd. I’ll be looking to cause trouble with several cool authors. Pictures to follow.

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