Saturday the 25th, 7th annual Northwest Book Festival

I will be at Pioneer Courthouse Square all day Saturday at the tent that is titled “Pick Your Poison.” Proudly, I will be standing beside award winning author and film-maker, Chad Coenson, and actor/author Jesse Vint, whose career as an actor goes as far back as working with Bruce Dern in Silent Running and also starred with Jack Nicholson in Chinatown. The two lady authors joining us are  April Aasheim, and a mysterious dark muse traveling only by the name of Athena. She might be a goddess among mortals, who knows? They’ll both be working their own literary magic at our booth.

NW Book Fest 7

Our tent will have everything from Historical Fiction, to Horror, from Satire to Erotica, from Fantasy to Magical Realism. If you are a reader in the Portland Oregon area, one of us has a book for you. All flavors (except zombie porn,…sorry, we are all out of zombie porn) will be represented at our tent. We are tent #43, and we are on the inside northeast corner, just look for the authors wearing silly hats. That will be us.


This Time, for Real

For real, my third book, Hounds of the Hunted is out on Amazon both in paperback and e-book. Soon, after I’ve found the will (and time) to adhere to their formatting guidelines, I will publish on Smashwords so the story will also be available on both Nook and Apple products. Finally, if you are in Oregon, take a little trip to Hillsboro on Saturday, June 27th, and you can find me reading from Hounds of the Hunted at Three Mugs Public House with five other authors including April Aashiem and actor/author Jesse Vint (He’s performed in the movie Silent Running with Bruce Dern, and several popular television shows through the 1970’s through 1990’s.)


The bookcover is linked to the Hillsboro Tribune‘s article about the upcoming event. (despite what the article says, I will be reading from my book.)