Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the U.S.  Happy Thursday if you are not.

I’m going to eat bird, pig, and pie. I’m also planning on reading a trio of short stories written by Timothy Baker. Soon, I’ll have a review of the cool collection.

For those of you not in the know, the 2nd edition of The Wrong Way Down was released through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback, and is available on Kindle. Nook and Kobo will become available on February 1st 2015.  I am hot on finishing book three: Hounds of the Hunted, and expect to be ready by late spring.

Links are below.


Barnes & Noble

TWWD cover x500


On hiring mercenaries—another free sample

Here is another little piece of The Wrong Way Down. This Kickstarter is almost over, so why not show off a little more of the story? A couple chapters back, Priestess Popalia and her trusty guide Wynkkur had been saved by two mercenary ‘brothers,’ Seth and Raenyl.  This nice selection shows the undercurrents that will eventually cause lots of problems to come. Enjoy!

TWWD cover x500

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A Review of Witch Bane by Tim Marquitz

I received this book from Tim Marquitz for a balanced review. I told him it could be close to a year before I got to review it. That was a year ago, almost to the day.


At least I’m timely.


This dark fantasy story, Witch Bane, takes place in the troubled realm of Mynistiria.  Beginning in a scramble, Red Guard soldiers disembark from an airborne transport, a hover ship that is being powered by harnessed griffons. Watching nearby from behind trees, young Sebastian and mature Darius witness Red Guard stormtroopers mercilessly attack a caravan of refugees. Women or children, this onslaught persists.

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