Monster Ink by Timothy Baker

I’ve made no attempts to hide my respect and appreciation for Timothy Baker’s written works.  As luck would have it, I’ve been published in three anthologies with Timothy.  (However, all three have recently gone out of print.) I’ve heard that we are again going to be printed together in an upcoming anthology named, That Hoodoo, Voodoo, That You Do.

 Earlier this year, I’d read Timothy’s debut novel, Hungry Ghosts Path of the Dead. It was a fun read about what happened in Tibet on the same night as George Romano’s Night of the Living Dead is taking place in the mid-west U.S.

 That review is linked here.

 Monster Ink cover

Monster Ink is Timothy Baker’s collection of three short stories—Monster Ink, Hell and Tarnation, and Front Lines, Big City. This is very quick read.
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