Early August

[this is another time-capsule worth keeping.]

In theorem, July has been highly successful, but in practicality, I pulled a Barney Fief and shot myself in the foot.

See the nifty new pic at the header? Found that at the zoo. I like how the little beast is eating my first name. As I’m close to halfway in the second book, it definitely will leave deep bite marks. My hope is the stories coming will require leaving the lights on at night. The first one is edgy, but the sequel is quite horrific.

I also bought the Domain for this site, which I still don’t understand why I needed to do that. Getting my book copyrighted before giving it to everyone to read made sense to me, but internet domain fees for apperantly nothing seems just stupid. Maybe it will make more sense later, but I doubt it.

This last month I began networking with one of the successful authors at Damnation Books. Tim Marquitz was very welcoming, in fact he let me know that his third book in his series will be released on the same date as mine. We agreed to do an interview and a short review of each other’s new releases. I’m linking Tim Marquitz’s site here. His first book, Armageddon Bound, was a very fun read, satisfyingly grim and a little rough. He said the second one is even better, I plan to read it soon.

Here is where I shot myself. Last month’s commitment failed, I didn’t get to other authors’ book signings. I even had one planned, and then I inconveniently forgot about it until three hours too late. I’m still kicking myself.

But on the brighter side, my ideas for how to teach this brick to fly are simplifying. To quote Gandalf Stormcrow, “Shh, keep it secret, keep it safe.” More will be revealed.