Reviews, and Interviews

 BOOKS I’VE REVIEWED (click on the links to read reviews.)

Me and Bobby McGee by Chad Coenson

Queen and other Stories by Lincoln Crisler

Path of the Dead by Timothy Baker

Manifesto UF by Various Authors

Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan

Beyond the Veil by Tim Marquitz

Fifty Shades of Decay by Various Authors

Sun-Bleached Winter by D. Robert Grixti

Merkabah Rider; Tales of a high Plains Drifter by Edward M. Erdelac

Echoes of the Past by Tim Marquitz


Rules of Conduct

I will do reviews for friends. By friends, I mean we’ve shared some sort of professional exchange. Here are examples, but not all-defining, a) we’ve done a reading together and your sample resonated with me. b) We were in an anthology together and your story jumped out at me c) We’ve met at a convention and you’ve given me a book. The list goes on, but those are some of the means in which I’ve received books to review.

I am a slow and picky reader. I want to enjoy your story, but writing is an art form, and sometimes the match of artist to viewer doesn’t mesh. If you gave me a book you didn’t get a review, it is either still in my giant pile o’books or it wasn’t the right fit for me. The world of writing is too small to create new enemies, and if I punch your baby in the face, we probably aren’t going to be friends.

I love reading good debuts, but I will be honest—even if I like you. I used to write reviews on a 10-point system, but recently threw that away because there is no such thing as a perfect book. Also, in my paranoia, I feared authors felt slighted when they received ‘7’s,’ so I abandoned the point system. Now every book I review gets a 4 or 5-star on GoodReads and maybe Amazon.



Jennifer Willis

Patrick Freivald

Timothy Baker

Zachary Jernigan

Lee Mather

Edward M. Erdelac

Gary W. Olson

Greg Chapman

Tim Marquitz

Armand Rosamillia

Dina Rae


Guest on Armand Rosamilia’s blog about Fifty Shades of Decay

 Interviewed at Joseph Spenser‘s blog, author of Grim

 Interviewed by Gary W. Olsonauthor of Brutal Light

My first interview ever was with Tim Marquitz, Author of the Demon Squad series

Interviewed at Sally Franklin Christie‘s blog, author of Milk Carton People.

I am at YA Fantasy author Jenna E. Johnson‘s blog.

I was interviewed at Dina Rae’s.

A great interview at Lee Mather’s site.

Hillsboro Argus




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